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A member of our Comics Studies @UNT community, Dr. Joanna Davis-McElligatt, recently did a podcast for UNT Pod about diversity & inclusion in comics. She talks about the importance of recent efforts by comics creators to bring more diverse perspectives, characters, and stories into the mainstream comics industry, popular culture, and the classroom. See more details and listen to the complete podcast below.

Joanna Davis-McElligatt, an Assistant Professor in UNT’s Department of English, who is an expert on diversity in higher education and comics, discusses a recent uptick in diversity and inclusion in comics — and the challenges that still lie ahead.

In this episode, we discuss:

● The importance of diversity and inclusion in higher education

● The recent uptick of diversity and inclusion in comics, and its importance to the industry

● Some of Davis-McElligatt’s favorite comics

● Recent entries in the genre such as Black Panther and HBO’s Watchmen relaunch.

Featured in this episode is:

● Dr. Joanna Davis McElligatt, Assistant Professor in UNT’s Department of English

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Listen to the podcast below:

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