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A new way to pursue professional excellence!

The objective of the new blog hosting service is to provide librarians and library staff the means to communicate with patrons and colleagues on subjects related to academic research, library services, resources, and community outreach projects.

This service aims at increasing the diversity and range of the scholarly and creative output from the UNT Library employees, encouraging professional excellence, and attracting patrons and community interest in all topics related to the services at UNT Libraries.

For UNT librarians and library staff, there will be no cost associated with using this service.

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1. Use of this service is subject to all applicable UNT policies, and state and federal law.

2. The copyright and all related rights to original work posted through this service is the sole responsibility of its authors.

3. The authors of the blog retain copyright of their original work. But, by posting content through this service, authors agree to license their work via Creative Commons (CC) License CC-BY-NC. Please visit to learn more about CC licenses.

4. The UNT Libraries may establish use and storage limits regarding the use of this service, and may change these limits at any time.

5. The UNT Libraries intends to archive the content of all the blogs on the service. By using the service, authors grant the UNT Libraries non-exclusive rights to archive their work in any format.

6. The UNT Libraries reserves the right to change the provisions of this service at any time without further notice.

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