On May 24. 2015, Pope Francis issued, “Laudato Sí,” a 184-page encyclical letter calling upon Catholics to stop global warming and save the environment. The majority of American universities have probably noticed the letter, but not given it much thought. However, that’s not the case if you work at a Catholic university or college. The Engineering Deans of Catholic College and Universities have made a public response to Laudato Sí. They realize that they must adjust their teaching on solving engineering problems to an interdependent approach that includes helping people and nature. Maybe STEM professors at other universities should peruse this letter and share it with their students. STEM undergraduates are often discouraged because their studies seem irrelevant and disconnected from current problems. There’s plenty in this letter to convince them the world needs them to persevere and bring their intelligence and skills to bear on our global environmental problems.

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