STEM Crisis or Not?

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In 2012, President Obama announced that our country needed to produce 1 million STEM professionals over the next 10 years to stay technologically competitive. A number of writers responded with data purporting a surplus of STEM workers. Who was right? Yi Xue and Richard Larson say all are right in their Monthly Labor Review paper,… Read more »

Really “Doing” Science

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A biting post was published on The National Science Teachers Association blog on recently. Professor of Science Education Robert Yager from the University of Iowa posted “Misconceptions about the ‘Doing’ of Science” and criticized science teachers for how slowly they are moving to effective science teaching strategies. In his list of criticisms, he mentioned lack… Read more »

STEM Jobs on the Rise

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Occasionally I see online comments challenging the supposed need for more STEM graduates. These writers point to a shortage of good-paying STEM positions for graduates entering the workforce. They may need to rethink their arguments. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce recently published, “Good Jobs Are Back: College Graduates Are First in… Read more »