NBC 5 / KXAS has done many stories on North Texas artists throughout the years, showing their craft and skills. We have brought together some of this footage of artists at work from the 1960s and 1970s, to share some of the wonderful footage and their stories.

In the following footage, a metalsmith, known only by his first name Jim, shares some of the beautiful knives he has crafted, along with information on techniques for working with metal.

In the following clip, cartoonist Lex Graham talks about how entered his career, and shows off some of his quick sketch work. Graham is best known for “The Back Forty Calendars.”

This local welder, whose name is unknown, shows his skills in creating art from steel. He uses his welding skills to create scenes depicting stories of war and history.

The following clip features glassworker Bill Alexander sculpting a small figurine from glass.

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