University of Dallas Advertisement, UNTA_AR0327-020-002

University of Dallas Advertisement, UNTA_AR0327-020-002

This year, the University of Dallas celebrates its sixtieth year of education and enlightenment. In September of 1956, 96 students began undergraduate studies at the newly-founded University of Dallas, located in what is now Irving. Today, nearly 3,000 students attend the University.

Bishop Thomas K. Gorman became chancellor of the university, which the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur had obtained to subsume their junior college in Fort Worth, Our Lady of Victory College. The school began life as a coeducational, multi-faith, undergraduate institution with plans to add graduate programs as soon as possible. The school has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1963. The Graduate School was established in 1966.

Original faculty included the Cistercian Order and the Sisters of Saint Mary, three Franciscan fathers, and several laymen. Later additions to the faculty included Dominican priests and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

In 1970, the University of Dallas opened a campus in Rome. Students in their Sophomore year at the UD were required to spend at least one semester studying in Rome, where the School Sisters of Notre Dame donated the use of classrooms and dormitories. Tuition rates were not raised during the study abroad period, and the only additional charge was the transportation to and from Rome.

University of Dallas campus, UNTA_AR0327-020-005

University of Dallas campus, UNTA_AR0327-020-005

Today, the University of Dallas continues to turn out bright men and women. The university proudly boasts 39 alumni who have received Fulbright grants to study, teach, or do research abroad. While it may be overlooked at times, nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the University of Dallas provides DFW with amazing opportunities, and it attracts many more amazing people to our part of the country.

The images in this post from the Lester Strother Texas Metro Magazine collection. The Texas Metro was founded largely to publicize the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and the many economic opportunities in the Southwest Metroplex. The collection includes 183 linear feet of articles and photographs from the magazine, as well as other grey literature.


-by Alexandra Traxinger Sch├╝tz

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