Written by: Lakshmi Dubey 

University education may be a difficult and demanding experience, and for parents, it at times entails taking on additional responsibilities for household management and parenting. This post will discuss the study suggestions for student-parents attending college.  

UNT Libraries offer multiple resources for families and student-parents, such as kids activity kits that are available for checkout and family study nights. A great option for parents attending college would be to join networking groups through which they can get support and valuable insights by attending study sessions with other parents.  

UNT Libraries offers several spaces which are available for group study sessions or individual sessions. Rooms are available between 7am-12 am in Willis library and from 8am-9 pm at the Sycamore library. There are multiple books available for parents which can guide them on how they can navigate through difficult courses, cultural norms, and parenthood through academia. To name a few: “Mothers in Academia”, “The Parent Track”, and “Back in school”. 

Over 10,000 works of juvenile literature are available at UNT Libraries. These are kept at Sycamore Library and include both well-known children’s novels and current Young Adult literature. You can pick them up at Sycamore Library or place a pickup order for them through the catalog. To name a few: “Storybook Stew”, “Hair Love” and “The Giving Tree”. While the parents are involved in classes, study sessions, or homework, they could use these books and resources in order keep the children engaged with books and activity kits. Activity kits are available at Willis library for kids for a checkout period of 6 hours. If needed, the patron can renew it as well.  

By offering targeted services and spreading awareness of this parent-student group. Off-Campus Student Services acts as the link between student parents and departments. They offer outstanding resources, for instance for finding childcare, funds, and guidance for parenting. 

UNT hosts multiple events for the engagement of kids and parents. Join us on Friday, 10th November at the Willis library for a family fun night. We are hosting a stuffed animal sleepover at Willis library for kids and parents. Feel free to wear your PJ’s. Stuffed animal registration and check-in begins at 5pm and story time begins at 5:30 pm. If you would like to register your stuffed animal for this event, the pickup time will be from 10 am-12 pm on Saturday at the Union Circle. Your child’s stuffed animal will be able to receive a diploma for Graduating from the UNT Stuffed Animal Night School!  

This post discusses the challenges and resources available to student-parents attending the University of North Texas (UNT). UNT Libraries hosts resources such as family study nights, kids’ activity kits, and a range of literature that might assist parents in juggling the rigors of education with parenting their kids. The Sycamore Library offers ample room for both solo and group study sessions in addition to an extensive library of kid-friendly material to keep kids interested. The article also discusses how Off-Campus Student Services helps student parents find resources like financial assistance and childcare. To further include parents and children, UNT organizes family-friendly activities like a stuffed animal sleepover at the Willis library. 

Father is studying while kid is playing.
Father and Son using desk by Ketut Subiyanto, licensed under Pexels.

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