…that you can see usage statistics for items, collections, and contributing partners/departments in the digital collections?

We have statistics available to see how often items are being used at several granularities (e.g., by partner, collection, or item).  At each level, there is a link or tab to view “Statistics.”


For example, if you “Explore” our list of Partners or Collections, you can choose “Statistics” in the results list:

Location of "statistics" button on Explore screen


You might also be curious about the collection or partner and visit the “About” page, either from the link on the explore page (above), or on an item record:


About links on item record


From the “About” page, you can still see the statistics for the collection or partner by clicking on the “Stats” button in the upper-right corner:


Location of "Stats" icon on "About" page


The statistics show the number of items, the number of files, the total monthly usage for the collection or items contributed by the partner, and a graph of item usage for the last month.


Statistics for JFK Dallas Police Department Collection


You can also see usage statistics for indvidual items by looking at the bottom of the Brief Record or clicking on the “Statistics” tab while you’re looking at an item:

Location of statistics in an item record

You may be surprised to see which collections or items are popular!

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