Meet the DH @ UNT Team:

  • George Dawson is Digital Humanities Student Assistant and a sophomore Computer Engineering major at UNT. He’s interested in video games and narrative, and applications of computing for humanities projects. Read his posts here.
  • Nathan Kennedy is Digital Humanities Graduate Assistant and a Masters Student in Philosophy at UNT. His research interests include the philosophical implications of phenomenological psychology and sexuality. Read his posts here.
  • Spencer Keralis is Research Associate Professor and Head of Digital Humanities and Collaborative Programs with the UNT Libraries. He’s interested in labor ethics in DH pedagogy, and the past, present, and future of the book. Read his posts here. @hauntologist
  • Laura Schadt was Collaborative Programs Graduate Assistant from 2015-2017. She is an Audiology Doctoral Student at UNT. Read her posts here.
  • Laura Treat is┬áMoving Image Preservation & Digitization Librarian with the UNT Libraries. Read her posts here.
  • Braden Weinmann is Collaborative Programs Graduate Assistant and a Masters Student in Counseling at UNT. He’s interested in LGBT+ issues in counseling, and adapting transpersonal and spiritual counseling for diverse clients. Read his posts here.

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