Adapting to Smart Technology with Abdulrahman Habib

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  Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with UNT College of Information Ph.D. student Abdulrahman Habib. In his latest project, he seeks to determine how Denton residents perceive different aspects of smart technologies. In our talk, he also provided a wealth of examples of smart technologies and offered many reasons for their usefulness in… Read more »

Community Management at Scale

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My job is weird. I have a Ph.D. in English and “Professor” in my title, but I work in an academic library as a department head. I don’t have an MLIS. Currently I don’t have a DH project, as such, but I’ve been doing research about labor ethics and DH pedagogy, and about the relationship… Read more »

Denton Music, Mapped

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  Denton, Texas has been home to a thriving music scene for decades, owing in large part to the consistent stream of talent and creativity which UNT’s music programs have attracted. The stories of many prominent performers are fairly common knowledge, including those of Norah Jones, Pat Boone, Roy Orbison, the One O’Clock Lab Band,… Read more »

Project Profile: 3DHOTBED

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What is it? 3DHOTBED (3D-Printed History of the Book Education) was created to fill a growing need for affordable instructional materials in book history pedagogy. Last summer, Courtney Jacobs started searching for an authentic hand mould that was used to cast moveable metal type in the 15th Century to use for book history instruction in UNT… Read more »

Project Profile: Organs of the Soul

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Screen capture of “The Voice in Music” from Organs of the Soul What is it? Dr. Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden (UNT College of Music) created Organs of the Soul: Social Networks in Eighteenth-Century Paris when she was a Ph.D. candidate in musicology at Duke University. The goal of this interactive multimedia project is to historically and culturally situate… Read more »

Project Profile: Mapping Texts

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  What is it? Mapping Texts began in 2010 as a collaborative project between the University of North Texas and Stanford University. The goal of the project is to develop a series of experimental new models for combining the possibilities of text-mining and geospatial analysis to enable researchers to develop improved quantitative and qualitative methods… Read more »

Project Profile: Mean Green Mapped

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What is it? Mean Green Mapped is an interactive web map utilizing GIS software to illustrate UNT’s history through photographs and other media. It began with the goal of providing an opportunity for students, faculty, and members of the Denton community to interact with the history of campus by showing changes in the landscape and… Read more »