Genealogists, historians, and digital humanities scholars, Digital Black History is a directory project to track! Get to know this notable digital history resource. 

As digital scholarship grows, digital projects become increasingly useful resources. Digital Black History serves as a directory for digital Black History projects of all types, including databases, digital archives and collections, interactive maps, and virtual exhibits. 

Digital Black History is completely free and open to anyone for use! The resources available were created by a variety of institutions and individuals. If you’re looking for a specific resource or type of digital material, this directory is searchable. Simply enter keywords on the search box at the top of the homepage.

This centralized directory does accept project submissions. Any submission must meet the following criteria:

  • must focus on Black History (either in the US or internationally)
  • must be digital
  • must contain factual information
  • must be of assistance to genealogists and historians

If you or your institution have a project meeting the above, please consider submitting the related project for inclusion in this directory. 

Want to learn more about this project? Visit Digital Black History at for more information. 

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