Written by: Pranathi Akula

As we step into Willis Library, we’re greeted with exciting changes and enhancements that promise to enrich the academic journey of every student and visitor. I want to provide a comprehensive list of the recent updates that have transformed this hub of knowledge and learning into an even more dynamic space. 

Media Library Relocation 

One significant update that has caught the attention of many is the relocation of the Media Library from Chilton Hall to the 2nd floor of Willis Library. Spring 2024 marked the milestone as we bid farewell to our previous location and embraced the new space within Willis. This move not only consolidates resources but also enhances accessibility, providing students with easier access to a wealth of multimedia materials (UNT Libraries, 2024a). 

The integration of the Media Library within Willis Library brings several benefits to the University of North Texas community. Students now have seamless access to a wide range of multimedia resources, including DVDs, Blu-rays, streaming services, gaming equipment such as Xbox, PlayStation 5, Nintendo and many more, all conveniently located within the heart of the campus. You can look at the equipment we have for check out in “Equipment” page of media library.  

Furthermore, Moving the media library inside Willis Library will hopefully encourage students to explore their creative side and take a break from their studies.

Media library service desk on second floor of Willis library. Image by Pranathi Akula
Media library on second floor of Willis library. Image by Pranathi Akula

Self-Service Pickup at Willis 

Nestled within the Willis Library, the Willis Self-Service Pickup offers students a seamless and efficient way to access library materials. Located on the first floor, this innovative solution provides lockers equipped with touchscreen interfaces, allowing students to retrieve their items at their convenience, even outside of regular service desk hours. Accommodations for accessibility needs can be easily arranged during the hold process, ensuring inclusivity for all users. Items remain available for pickup for 48 hours, granting ample time for retrieval, while media and music audio collection items maintain their own designated pickup locations within the library. With Willis Self-Service Pickup, accessing knowledge has never been easier or more accessible (UNT Libraries, 2024b). 

Image showing Self-service pick up by the service desk at Willis first floor
Willis Self-service pickup on first floor of Willis library by the service desk. Image by Pranathi Akula

Willis Library Book Displays 

Among the exciting additions to Willis Library is the introduction of the Willis Library Book Displays. These displays serve as focal points for showcasing a diverse array of books, ranging from new releases to timeless classics. With an extensive collection at our disposal, the Featured Books display takes center stage, captivating students, and visitors alike with its thematic selections. 

Located on the first floor of Willis Library, the Featured Books display readers to embark on literary adventures tailored to their interests. The theme for Spring 2024 is “Books for YOU,” designed to offer readers a book that aligns with their personalities and interests. For instance, there will be selections like “Books for the Mathematician” and “Books for the Foodie” and many more. (UNT Libraries, 2024c). 

Students who wish to explore the available books can access an online display featuring a list of the books found on these displays, which they can check out using the link “Book displays”.   

Book Display on first floor of Willis library. Image by Abby Stovall

Final Thoughts 

As Willis Library continues to evolve and innovate, these updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing an enriching educational experience for all. Whether you’re seeking knowledge, inspiration, or simply a moment of respite, Willis Library welcomes you to explore, engage, and discover the wonders that await within its walls. 

I highly recommend coming to see the changes in Willis Library and with that, check out our books, media, and updates. We look forward to embarking on this journey of discovery together. 

Visit Willis Library today and embark on your next literary adventure!


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