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Written by: Ashra Londa One lesser-known fact on the University Libraries homepage is that a plethora of databases are tucked under the left sidebar on the Discover site. The University of North Texas is paying for these databases for student and faculty perusal—free of charge! There are over 600 databases in total, all packed to… Read more »

Thesis & Dissertation Resources

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Written By: Abby Stovall Writing a thesis or dissertation can seem like a daunting task. Regardless of your area of study, taking on a major project can feel overwhelming and intense. However, UNT Libraries has a variety of resources graduate students can use when writing these papers. LibGuides  If you are wondering where to even… Read more »

First-generation Graduate Students and Resources

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Written by: Valerie Cummins  Today’s post is concerning first-generation university students in graduate school and goes into resources and opportunities that are available to them from the UNT Libraries.  First-generation students experience new challenges upon entering university, and many universities, including UNT, recognize this, and attempt to provide resource centers that are meant for their… Read more »

The Case for Leisure Books in Academic Libraries

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Written By: Abby Stovall Academic libraries, such as the UNT Library system, are renowned for their provision of access to millions of resources. The plethora of scholarly articles and other research materials serve to promote student success in the classroom and in their fields of study. However, maybe academic library collections are undeveloped in one… Read more »

Recent Updates to Willis Library

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Written by Sierra Dahl Willis Library has recently undergone some changes to make the library better equipped to serve students. These improvements include renovations to the building, modern furniture, new reservable spaces, and additional borrowable equipment and materials.   New Reservable Spaces  The first addition to Willis Library is study pods, reservable spaces designed for… Read more »

Libraries As Facilitators of Information Access

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Written By: Haley McGlynn Libraries today provide a plethora of services to their communities and serve as a technological hub for patrons, offering a “multi-media experience,” with collections that include digital materials and physical technologies (Manness, 2006). With the prevalence of technology in the library, the term “Library 2.0” has been coined to encapsulate the… Read more »

UNT Digital Libraries: CyberCemetery

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Written by: Alexis Thomas Welcome to the Fall 2022 semester! We hope you are having a great semester so far and are excited to welcome you back with a look into UNT’s Digital Libraries. Today, I will provide a brief introduction on what UNT’s Digital Library’s CyberCemetery has to offer. Since we’re now in the… Read more »

UNT Scholarly Works

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Written by: Sarah Diaz If you have ever been curious about the research your professors are doing, you might be interested in UNT Scholarly Works, the University of North Texas institutional repository.  Institutional repositories are collections of scholarly work from a specific institution, like a college or university. According to Rebecca Marsh (2015), they have been around since the early 2000s and are typically used as “a mechanism… Read more »