Thanks to a cooperative initiative across Florida’s public universities, PALMM or Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) offers digital access to materials. PALMM houses 27,365 items, including entire books, newspaper scans, and photographs, throughout 27 digital collections. But these collections contain more than items focused on Florida! In this DSC Guide Deep Dive, get to know three appealing collections within the PALMM Digital Collections.   

PALMM’s most notable collections include the Ringling Herald (yes, that Ringling!), Big Cypress National Preserve, and Literature for Children collections. 

Big Cypress National Preserve
This collection is for anyone who loves nature. The Big Cypress National Preserve collection, also known as the Big Cypress Collection, contains photos taken throughout the Big Cypress National Preserve. Although it may be a U.S. Park Service nature preserve, you can find more than wildlife and plants in this robust historical collection. Aerial photos of the land and pictures of campgrounds and park transportation methods appear throughout the collection. Charts noting fires both natural and man-made can be helpful for those researching natural disasters, and there are even photographs pertaining to hurricanes that impacted the area. The historical maps of Florida and the Everglades may also prove useful for scholars. The BCNP collection serves as a digital album perfect for browsing on Earth Day or any day. 

Literature for Children
Literature for Children is a unique collection offering 74 fully-digitized children’s books from the United States and Great Britain. Featuring materials from Special Collections departments across Florida, and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), this collection contains complete works of literature. The books include poetry, alphabet books, children’s stories, and more. All titles are in an ebook format, allowing users to zoom in on each text and view the high-quality scans. Many of the books featured in this collection are in the public domain. For scholars in the humanities, or anyone interested in literature dating back as far as the 1800s, Literature for Children is truly a special collection. 

Ringling Herald
Remember Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus, or perhaps you’re a fan of The Greatest Showman? Then the Ringling Museum Herald collection, also known as the Ringing Herald Collection, is one you’ll want to explore. Filled with materials from The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art collection, this collection features heralds, aka advertisements, about the circus and its attractions. The available scans include short announcements and longer advertisements about the museum, shows, and exhibits. Browse this collection and discover the history of The Greatest Show!

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