Written by: Lakshmi Dubey

As we wrap up the Spring 2024 semester, we wanted to highlight some of the library’s most popular services.   

I have provided an overview of some of the services, as well as changes, at Willis Library: 

Checkout materials: Anyone with a valid card will be able to checkout items from the library such as books, music items, media, and all other formats. Students, faculty, staff, and community members can enter with valid ID cards. The checkout period for each item varies. Most of the items can be checked out  UNT library collections, unless noted as “Lib Use Only” or placed on reserves are available for borrowing by patrons. Borrowing policies vary depending on the type of material and library patron.   

Course Reserves: The UNT library contains and distributes course materials which include materials and textbooks. These are available online as well which can include books, articles, CD’s, DVD’s and videos. Students can access the books which are placed on hold by their instructor. Students can visit the course reserves page to search for the material in the catalog. These materials are usually kept at the first-floor service desk.  

Courtesy Cards: Want to borrow materials from UNT? Courtesy cards allows community members to borrow materials even if you are not enrolled at UNT. Individuals can apply for courtesy cards by submitting a courtesy card application form or in person in the library.   

Checkout Laptops: UNT offers access to laptops to currently enrolled UNT students. Laptops are offered to students while supplies last. The Spark administers a laptop borrowing initiative with multiple loan duration options available during each semester such as standard, long term and extended. Among these, the most popular is the semester-long laptop lending program, which provides a limited number of both Mac and Dell laptops for a single semester. 

Interlibrary Loan: Need a document which is not within the UNT collection? We got you! UNT provides a service where patrons can request documents which are not present in the UNT collection which is known as Interlibrary loan and Document Delivery. These services are available to UNT faculty and staff, currently enrolled UNT students only, not for non-UNT students and courtesy card holders.   

Media Library: The Media Library has moved to the second floor of the Willis library, media library offers multiple gaming stations, gaming boards, consoles which individuals and groups can access, and multiple virtual reality devices. Students would need to place an online hold on the item before the item is checked out.   

Patrons playing games at Media Library
Media Library on the second floor of Willis by Lakshmi Dubey

On and Off Campus Access: The electronic databases provided by UNT libraries can be accessed by any UNT faculty, student, or staff members from any computer in the world. Off campus, will require you to login with your EUID and password.  

Online Resources: There are multiple online resources present in the library through which patrons will be able to get assistance in order to access the electronic databases, journals, e-books, and other digital resources for their research purposes.

Printing, Scanning, Photocopies: Need to print a document out? UNT Libraries have multiple printers, scanners and copiers located throughout the libraries. Students, faculty, and staff will use their EUID and password to access printers throughout the libraries.   

Research Assistance: Librarians and library staff provide research assistance, helping patrons navigate through the library resources, locate materials, and develop strategies to search. 

Spaces, technology, and computing: Libraries provide several different technology and computing-related resources for patrons which can use. The libraries have several computers available for available for both UNT faculty, students, and staff as well as designated computers for community members. 

Study Spaces: Want a personal study space or want to study in a group? We got you covered! Willis and Sycamore libraries provide spaces which include quiet study pods, group study rooms and computer labs.  Students must visit the online scheduling tool to book their study pod/room by logging in with their EUID/password. Spaces are limited to being scheduled only for 2 hours and cannot be scheduled more than 2 weeks in advance.   

Patron using the study pod at lower level of Willis library
Study Pod from lower level of Willis by Lakshmi Dubey

The Spark: The Spark desk is available on the first floor opposite the service desk, they are available to assist the students in checking out laptops, equipment, assist students with their queries regarding printers, scanners. Spark provides students access to equipment, software, and training that promotes cross disciplinary learning.

SPARK desk at first floor of Willis by Lakshmi

Special Collections: A collection of unique primary source research materials is available in the special collections, which are available on the 4th floor of the Willis library. Multiple historical documents, rare books, manuscripts, archives, and other unique materials are present in the special collections department for research purposes.   

Willis Library Lockers: UNT offers graduate student lockers for a semester in the Willis Library. Lockers are assigned on a first come first served basis. Notifications are sent via email to students that have been chosen to receive a locker.

Writing Center: UNT library offers writing support services such as workshops and multiple other resources to help students to improve their academical writing and their writing skills.  

The services offered in the library are based on the user needs, and are presented to support students, faculty, staff, and different communities. People from different libraries can also access this library as it is a public library. 


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