Example data from SPSS

This example data shows the layout of my savior software.


In my academic life, digital resources have significantly aided me in multiple ways. During my psychology bachelor’s degree, I built a research study using MediaLab software. The digital platform streamlined the entire process from creation to distribution. I also utilized Sona Systems tools to simplify the recruitment process. Participants could easily sign up for time slots, and I would know how many people to expect at each slot. Lastly, I always have access to the latest research through online databases, which include countless articles, books, and dissertations. Digital resources opened up immense possibilities to do more research and gain new knowledge in a relatively shorter amount of time. There’s no way of knowing the vast amount of hours I’ve been able to save by using SPSS software to complete the statistical analysis portion of all my research endeavors. All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t have to make those computations by hand.

Now that I am pursuing training as a licensed professional counselor, the purpose of the technology I use has also changed. Studying general psychology is to basic knowledge as studying counseling is to practical and clinical applications of knowledge. To facilitate my clinical training, my peers and I consume recorded training sessions and best methods of practice via library digital services. We can access a wealth of previous counseling sessions and styles to refine our personal counseling philosophy. After we graduate and seek licensure, we will join the growing trend of counselors offering expanded digital services to their clients. These services include digital avenues for counseling sessions such as texting clients in crisis, video sessions with clients located remotely, and even virtual reality counseling to assist clients with anxiety and specific phobias. Offering these digital options can help new clients access counseling services who might not ordinarily feel equipped to seek counseling if these digital options were not available.

List of a few common phobias

Virtual reality counseling can help you overcome these phobias and many more!

Eventually, I think counselors will be able to offer virtual platform counseling sessions for their clients. The counselor and the client can have a traditional face-to-face session although they may be physically thousands of miles apart. To help visualize this experience, imagine how the characters in Tron enter a central digital platform. Hypothetically, if someone created this tech one day, counselors could host their clients from around the world in a central digital counseling clinic. Counselors and clients would appear as themselves in this digital space with all the features of a brick and mortar counseling room.


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