With the recent surge in remote teaching and learning, today’s In the Know on the Go explores Hybrid Pedagogy, a viable open-access resource for academics navigating the realm of digital pedagogy.

Hybrid Pedagogy: the Journal of Critical Digital Pedagogy is a cross-disciplinary scholarly journal focused on praxis. This collaborative community and journal approaches teaching and education with an emphasis on respect and awareness while evaluating the role technology plays in education. “Articles in this journal combine personal experience, current conversations in academia, and a theoretical foundation that presumes the value, strength, and independent thinking of all learners” (Hybrid Pedagogy). Topics cover a variety of academic issues including syllabi, learning, assessment tech, collaboration, digital literacy, digital pedagogy, and even academic labor. 

Hybrid Pedagogy aims against gatekeeping and favors supporting scholars and marginalized voices. This is particularly notable in their collaborative open peer review process which strives to motivate scholars in their research. Hybrid Pedagogy is accessible not only in language but in its inclusion of both higher education and K-12 communities. 

This journal is already quite unique, but they also have a podcast and open access books! As we head toward Summer and Fall, explore the articles, collections, and podcasts of Hybrid Pedagogy

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