This week in Digital Humanities, we’re sharing the Digital Museum of Japanese History in New York! Established May 18, 2021, this digital humanities project, also referred to as the Digital Museum of the History of Japanese in NY, is a valuable new resource for AAPI Heritage Month and beyond.

Curated by the Japan History Council of New York, this notable digital exhibit showcases the history of Japanese and Japanese-Americans in New York and the surrounding areas. This Council, consisting of fifteen members, was established on December 12, 2020, and began work on this digital project with the aim of sharing the history and stories of Japanese, Japanese Americans, and American individuals.

The Digital Museum of Japanese History in New York features a digital archive containing historical documents, photos, and ephemera related to Japanese history between 1860 and today. The homepage timeline illustrates the history including the inception of notable associations and diplomatic services and the relationships between Tokyo Metropolitan and New York City.

This digital museum also features oral history footage of Japanese American elders sharing stories from their lifetimes. Hearing their experiences in their own words is an asset and invaluable resource, especially from those contributors who have since passed on.

Within our Digital Scholarship Guide, we have tools available for you to create your own digital history project with TimelineJS or ArcGIS Story Maps. Also, be sure to check out our Digital Library for additional resources and collections.

Visit the Digital Museum of Japanese History in New York at

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