RAW Data Visualization: Treemap

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A treemap is a space-filling visualization for displaying weighted hierarchical data using nested rectangles. The rectangles can be coded by color and size to show patterns that may be difficult to visualize in other ways. RAWGraphs give the user the option of incorporating as many colors into the visualization as they like, making it easy… Read more »

Getting Started in Video Games

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Newcomers to the video game community have a high bar to entry. Video games are complex beasts of entertainment and art, often making them difficult to approach and hard to understand; heck, even skills learned in a certain type of video game aren’t transferable to another type of video game. And all of this is already ignoring… Read more »

16 mm and 35 mm Content in the UNT Media Library

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Before streaming media, DVDs, or even VHS were common classroom teaching tools, a “multi-media” or audiovisual presentation typically meant 16 mm motion picture films or 35 mm film strips and slides. These presentations often included a musical or audio accompaniment on vinyl records or cassettes as well as a script and activities to be used by the… Read more »