Using Gephi for Data Visualization

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Author: Maristella Feustle Many of us have been doing basic visualizations of quantitative data since elementary school, turning numerical information into charts and graphs. Somewhere along the line, most of us have also encountered Venn diagrams for visualizing conceptual relationships and attributes held in common between entities. But when we think of visualization, quantitative visualizations… Read more »

Digital Blackface

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Author: Parker Mathias I was moved to do this project by backlash I had seen in regards to the concept of ‘digital blackface’ after the publishing of the Teen Vogue article about it, by Laura Michele Jackson, in August of 2017. I thought my circle of friends were fairly accepting and open-minded, but mostly balked… Read more »

Racism In The Fashion Industry

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Author: Kelly Taiclet This post is going to be much different than what I usually do. I’m going to be sharing my newest collection of fashion illustrations along with the inspiration behind them.

Photo-Voice Presentation

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Author: Meredith Rice I created a video of my photo-voice presentation from my capstone course, narrating the relationship between a minority movement and an outside group (namely white reactions in the face of black advocacy or success).

Stereotypes – Racial Identity

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Author: Luz Cantu This video goes over how racial categories are very divided and it can be considered offensive to some people. This is important because it discusses the differences between different races and how people feel underrepresented when their race isn’t listed in the category.

Cybertypes in Politics

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Author: Taylor Trevino I adapted a class presentation to make this ‘video blog’ about cybertypes and how they affect politics and daily life. This is based on Lisa Nakamura’s book “Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet” and current events affecting minorities such as immigration policy, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement…. Read more »