APA Tips and Tricks: Navigate the Labyrinth of Guidelines

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Written by: Zoë (Abbie) Teel  Introduction   As the semester kicks off, the world of APA and references might be uncharted territory for many fellow students out there. Now, as a graduate student who’s been navigating the intricacies of APA ever since my high school days, I couldn’t help but whip up a nifty guide filled… Read more »

Using Sentiment Analysis in Student Research

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Written by: Arthi Reddy Annadi As we all know, every student is typically occupied with either conducting research or making daily life decisions. We are often unsure if our work is legitimate or not and always require someone’s opinion or review. We conduct extensive research before making decisions, whether it is choosing a major for… Read more »

6 (Legal) Ways to Find Free Textbooks

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Written By: Madison Brents Welcome back for the Spring semester!   While everything feels different this semester, one thing has stayed the same: the beginning of the semester search for cheap textbooks. While the library does not purchase textbooks, we have ways of helping students find textbooks online while respecting copyright. Although not always guaranteed, we have managed to help some students find books for their classes… Read more »

Welcome to Scholar Speak

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Written By: Raul Gonzalez There is a common theme among academic libraries, which is to adapt, develop, and maintain. Whether it is a new policy or technology, libraries aim to mold new tools into services for their patrons. Original items are becoming digitized, libraries are reaching farther than their walls, and cutting-edge technologies compose the growing makerspaces… Read more »