Spring Cleaning: A Pun Read

"Now is the time for spring cleaning. If you have not got a spring, clean out your well."

Now that warm weather is finally returning in the Northern hemisphere, we can spring into spring.  Here on the Digital Newspaper Team, we've been dusting off papers for upload.  Thanks to partners like University of Texas at San Antonio, Southwestern University, the Old Jail Art Center, and newspaper publishers themselves, new titles you'll see preserved and freely available in the Texas Digital Newspaper Program include The Greensheet, The Albany News, The Hallettsville Rebel...

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Help with Homework is Just A Click Away!

History of Scrappy the Eagle

Yesterday, a person stopped by my office to ask if there are copies of the NT Daily at the Willis Library because she had a homework assignment to study information in newspapers.  She got very excited when I showed her the North Texas Daily/Campus Chat Newspaper Collection, which is freely available on The Portal to Texas History.  As with all newspapers on the Portal, the NT Daily/Campus Chat issues are fully text-searchable, with highlighting of search terms, and can be zoomed in for closer reading, which you can see in action on this December, 7, 1966, issue of The Campus Chat, which discusses the mascot name selection...

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Celebrating the End of the Year

Winter Solstice Period of Many Ancient Rituals

Newspapers provide windows into daily life throughout history.  Digital newspapers allow us to easily track how people celebrated the end of the year, across many years and many miles.

The Denison Press article, "Winter Solstice Period of Many Ancient Rituals," explains, "The Winter Solstice, when the sun swings toward the earth once more, has been celebrated as a festival of some sort by the various peoples of the earth since, and even prior to, the recording of history."  In Texas, these rituals range from stately and glamorous to community-building to just plain peculiar.

  • Early Texans celebrated Christmas while living in a warmer climate during the winter months. The...
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