RAW Data Visualization: Delaunay Triangulation

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The Delaunay Triangulation is another visualization available through RAWGraphs that can be used to represent dispersions. The visualization creates a planar, triangular mesh for a given set of points. For the following example, I downloaded a public data set from Kaggle of data from 5000+ movies on IMDB. I refined the data set and decided… Read more »

How to Make a Let’s Play

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Introduction If you’re a fan of video games, chances are that you’re more than familiar with Let’s Play’s. These series of gameplay commentaries have gained massive success within recent years and now make up a large and thriving community on websites like YouTube. People everywhere are starting channels and producing these videos at an ever-increasing… Read more »

Project Profile: Mapping Texts

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  What is it? Mapping Texts began in 2010 as a collaborative project between the University of North Texas and Stanford University. The goal of the project is to develop a series of experimental new models for combining the possibilities of text-mining and geospatial analysis to enable researchers to develop improved quantitative and qualitative methods… Read more »