Comparing Haystacks: Archival Correspondence versus Weird Tales Authors

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Contributed by: Maristella Feustle Music Special Collections Librarian Willis Conover’s correspondence in the mid-1930s with horror/sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft is well known in sci-fi circles thanks to the book Conover published in the 1970s, Lovecraft at Last. The original letters in Lovecraft’s own handwriting reside in the UNT Music Library’s Willis Conover Collection, alongside the… Read more »

Video Games as Therapy

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People view and consume video games in a variety of ways. Some may play video games purely for their entertainment aspect and spend a few hours a week on Skyrim or Call of Duty. Some gamers appreciate the storytelling aspect of popular game plots and gravitate toward games with rich plots such as titles in… Read more »