Hollywood Does Dallas: The Texas-Sized Premiere of “Bandolero!” (1968)

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“‘Bandolero’ is a contemporary western, filled with action, a good deal of violence, some humor, and a good, healthy, woman-meets-man situation. It is not hoked up with Freudian overtones or ludicrous situations. The picture is told in a smooth but slightly off-beat way.” – Dallas Morning News Texas Production Leads to Texas Premiere Bandolero (1968) is… Read more »

3 Dimensional Action on the Screen: “Bwana Devil” at the Melba Theatre

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3-Dimensional Action on the Screen: Bwana Devil at the Melba Theatre   The Melba Theatre (previously The Hope Theatre from 1921-1922) was located at 1913 Elm Street on Dallas’ impressive Theatre Row and became part of the Interstate Theatre chain in 1939. In the 1950s, The Melba was an early adopter of cutting edge theatre presentation,… Read more »

Spotlight on Dallas Filmmakers: The Lost Films of H. K. Carrington

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 Local film productions have the capacity to reveal landscapes, architectures, and traditions that are no longer viewable in present day cities. Often shot by local crews and featuring local actors, these movies give us a visual representation of historical landscapes, events, and people that are not always depicted in nationally produced materials. Many of these films… Read more »