Spotlight on Dallas Traditions: The State Fair of Texas

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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair…Dont’ Miss It…Don’t Even Be Late! In 1962 Hollywood brought one of our most enduring traditions to audiences around the world. Shot partly on location in Fair Park and featuring many Texas extras (or Textras), the 20th Century Fox musical State Fair now offers contemporary viwers a look at… Read more »

Spotlight on Oak Cliff Movie Theatres

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“Startling Progress of Picture Shows… One-Third of Dallas’ Population Daily Entertained”                The Dallas Morning News reported in 1913 that approximately 1/3 of Dallas residents would attend a motion picture show each day, that there were nearly 50 theaters showing “moving pictures or photoplays,” three large film agencies distributed… Read more »

Spotlight on Dallas Filmmakers: The Lost Films of H. K. Carrington

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 Local film productions have the capacity to reveal landscapes, architectures, and traditions that are no longer viewable in present day cities. Often shot by local crews and featuring local actors, these movies give us a visual representation of historical landscapes, events, and people that are not always depicted in nationally produced materials. Many of these films… Read more »