In 1949, when the first Union was dedicated, the student population was 5,282. By 1961, the student population had grown to 8,835 and the first Union was no longer large enough to comfortably accommodate the growing student population. Plans were made to build the new Union in two stages. By the time the structure was complete the student population had grown to 11,878.

The Slab was broken up and removed in 1963 to make way for the construction of the first wing of the new Union. When that wing opened in 1964 the first Union was torn down to make way for the construction of the second wing of the new Union. The limited space and services due to the construction caused some frustration as can be seen in this entry in the 1964-1965 Student Handbook:

“The Union Building is the center of relaxation at North Texas State. In 1964-65 it’s also the site of construction and overcrowding. The south wing of a new structure has been built, and the old building site will become the location of the main front section of the new union. In its incomplete stages the student may find some features a little inconvenient, but he’ll have access to the University Post Office, the University Store, a snack bar and lounge.”

The building was a three stories with a brick veneer. The Post Office was the first part of the Union to open. The Post Office boasted 7,621 mail boxes. The Union had a trophy room, a lounge, a cafeteria, and the University Bookstore. By 1969, six pool tables moved into the main lounge on the third floor. This was also the time when the trophy room was altered into a TV lounge.

— by Perri Hamilton, Assistant to the Archivist

For more information about the North Texas University Union, see the University Union Collection, 1947 – Present.

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