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When I was asked within hours of becoming employed as the Collaborative Programs Graduate Assistant at UNT to work at a Data Rescue event, I had virtually no idea what I would be doing or how I could contribute to something like rescuing data. While familiar with general computer use, hearing “Data Rescue” implied a… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Dendrograms

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A dendrogram is a tree diagram that is usually used for showing taxonomic relationships, but any data that lends itself to hierarchical data clustering can be displayed using a dendrogram. RAWGraphs offers two variations on dendrograms: the circular dendrogram and the cluster dendrogram. I had some fun playing around with different data sets to provide examples… Read more »

Call for Poster & Infographic Proposals: Digital Frontiers 2017

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Exploring the Edges, Pushing the Boundaries Call for Poster & Infographic Proposals: Digital Frontiers 2017 September 21-23, 2017 | University of North Texas   Digital Frontiers is an annual conference that explores advances and new research in humanities and cultural memory through the lenses of digital scholarship, technology, and multidisciplinary discourse. The conference recognizes creativity… Read more »

Evaluating Video Games: The Wide Wide World of Narrative

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Interpreting Video Games Video games stand as an utterly unique medium in today’s world. Nothing else comes close to what they offer and what they achieve. No other medium involves the same level of artistic interactivity and audience-driven design. It is for this reason that both ludological and narratological studies fundamentally fail in regards to video games;… Read more »