It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s comic book resources! Tomorrow is a big day for comic fans and comic scholars. In honor of Free Comic Book Day on May 1st, here are two comic book resources within UNT Libraries perfect for research or celebrating comics every day. 

Government documents are more than just historical papers! Government Comics is a fusion of comic studies with government information including government-published comics and cartoons, and even publications discussing comics. UNT Library contains a remarkable collection of posters, illustrations, anthologies, books, articles, and more resources of, and about, government comics. Browse the Government Comics guide to learn more about this distinct area of comics.

No post about comics is complete without mentioning Comics Studies at UNT. The academic field of Comic Studies includes theory, research, and critical analysis in the expansive realm of comics and graphic novels. The Comic Studies blog features updates, insights, reviews, and notable happenings from the Comic Studies Reading Group. If you want to know more about comics resources throughout the library, check out the master post of comic research resources

After visiting your local comic book shop, be sure to check out these comic resources and more within UNT Library. Happy Free Comic Book Day! 

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