Hey there! My name is JP, and I’m a Lead Technician at the makerspace and a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science major at the University of North Texas. Working at the makerspace over the last three years has been such a rewarding experience for me. I can access many types of creative tools, resources, and equipment that I can’t find or have access to anywhere else on campus. A lot of my work at the makerspace revolves around 3D printing, CNC routing, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, project planning, and team development. What’s more, I’m always surrounded by creative coworkers and students that are usually working on something I can learn. 


Over the past year, I was able to work on several projects for the makerspace, and I’ll highlight two of the most interesting ones below. This project was to help an MFA candidate create one of the sculptures for her art exhibition at the Union Art Gallery. Her installation combined traditional Chinese ceramic making and digital fabrication processes. I was able to use the vacuum forming machine to create the object. The photo on the left is the vacuum form we made, and the one on the right is her final installation titled Balance of Power, 2019. 



I also got to create an infinity mirror for our magic of making event. Creating this mirror took a little more time than I expected, but it was worth the wait. I used a thin metal rod, scrap wood, spray paint, LEDs, spray paint, and mirrors, and although it wasn’t finished in time for the event, it makes for a good display piece at the makerspace.



Right now, one of my main projects is hosting the makerspaces’ debut podcast. We’ve completed recording our first episode and are now laying the groundwork for more episodes. In the first episode I spoke with our manager Judy Hunter about Makerspaces. Our conversation expanded to topics like the maker movement, the importance of makerspaces in our educational system, and how to get kids and young adults interested in their creative potential. Steven did a fantastic job with editing and producing, and there will be more info on the podcast later. 


The makerspace is an excellent resource for students looking to create and learn new things or come to enjoy the things other people have made. Until next time, this is JP signing off. 

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