An intro to Photography -By M. Heins

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Photography is a unique form of art, as it is both instantaneous and relatively new compared to mediums such as drawing or painting. These days almost everyone has a high quality camera on them at all times, and it’s as easy as ever to start honing in your image making skills!  To understand how an… Read more »

How to 3D print With Supports

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What are supports? Supports are extra plastic material printed on or around the object you are printing to help make it print and look better. Example:   When do you need supports? It is best to use supports when printing an object that has overhangs greater than 45 degrees. Overhangs are a diagonal part of… Read more »

Landscape Photos

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A guide to landscape photos: Landscape photography is a peaceful and relaxing way to spend time with nature and the great outdoors. This can be a great reason way to get out of the house during social isolation. To take great landscape photos, first try scouting out an area you believe would make for a… Read more »

Lead Maker Brennen

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My Name is Brennen Johnson, I am a Senior majoring in Information Technology. The Factory Has allowed me to expand my horizons not just from technology related topics but tolls used in creation such as laser cutting a CNC milling. My skill is in single board computers (Raspberry Pi and Arduino), Robotics (Lego Mindstorms, Vex,… Read more »

From Factory to The Spark

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Makerspace enthusiast! We are excited to share with you some of the changes in the works for the Makerspace! Our physical space is under construction with the Libraries at this time. So we will share updates on the physical changes over time as we begin to morph in to the new layout. However in the… Read more »

Knowledge Specialist Arthur!

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Hi! My name is Arthur Sliter and I’m a knowledge specialist here at the UNT Makerspace. I’m currently a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering and have a passion for all things technical. I especially love 3D printing since it enables me to create crazy and custom parts I need for my projects. I got my… Read more »

LEGO Mindstorm Robotics

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The Factory has a large array of robotics for all ages. Today, I’m going to touch on our Lego Mindstorms Kits. The recommendation age range is 10+ but it can be a good introduction to people who may not know as much in construction or coding. The construction part is straight forward since it is… Read more »

Maker Cameron

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“My name is Cameron Driller. I am a biochemistry major in my third year at UNT with minors in biology and technical writing. I first discovered the Factory as part of a job search after I decided that I NEEDED to get out of previous call center job, and I’ve been working here as a… Read more »

Meet Specialist Steven!

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Hi, I’m Steven. I’m a first-year media arts major and theatre minor. I’ve been working for the factory for almost four months now. I really love working at the factory. I love to work with the A/V equipment that the factory provides. I’m very well versed in Live Audio Equipment and studio recording equipment as… Read more »