close-up of display featuring musical Ukrainian coins

Display of photographs of coins from Ukraine from the Stephen Dunning Musical Coin Collection, UNT Music Library.


At the Music Library, a display was assembled featuring photographs and descriptions of coins from Ukraine, which were curated from the Stephen Dunning Musical Coin Collection.

Learn more about Stephen Dunning and his unique coin collection on the collection finding aid:

“The collection consists of 106 coins depicting or referring to musical culture, dating from circa 261 B.C.E. through 2019, and originating from locations including ancient Greece, former Soviet republics, African countries, Niue Island, the European Union, and the United States. Many coins feature instruments, musical works, composers, or musicians of national importance. The collection provides a multifaceted view of music and culture expressed in national coinage, along with some souvenir coins and tokens.”

Below are photographs of selected coins from the collection:


Front of coin depicts a chorus singing, back of coin has a common nightingale flying above sheet music and depicts coin denomination

Item 47: Ukraine, 2016

5 hryvnia coin, commemorating centenary of first performance of Mykola Leontovych’s “Shchedryk” Christmas song (known in U.S. as melody of “Carol of the Bells”) by the Kiev University choir.      


Front of coin depicts Ostap Veresai holding a bandura, back of coin depicts a bandura on top of a decorative pattern with coin denomination

Item 48: Ukraine, 2003

2 hryvnia coin, commemorating Ostap Veresai (1803-1890). 


Front of coin shows part of a lira with a decorative edge, back of coin showcasing decorative nature-like pattern with coin denomination

Item 50: Ukraine, 2004

5 hryvnia coin depicting Ukranian lira (instrument). 


Front of coin showing tsymbaly instrument on gold center overlapping the silver decorative border, back of coin depicting decorative pattern with coin denomination

Item 51: Ukraine, 2006

5 hryvnia coin depicting tsymbaly. 


Front of coin portraying buhay drum on gold background with a silver decorative border, back of coin showcasing arching decorative pattern and coin denomination

Item 52: Ukraine, 2007

5 hryvnia coin depicting buhay drum. 


Front of coin illustrating Ukrainian choir surrounded by sunflowers and blank sheet music, back of coin depicting 100 year celebration next to a tuning fork surrounded by sunflowers and the coin denomination

Item 75: Ukraine, 2019

5 hryvnia coin commemorating 100 years of the 100 Years of The National Choir of Ukraine ‘Dumka’.


Front of coin portraying Mykhailo Verbytsky with a lyre and music notation, back of coin depicting a crowd of people with their hands over their hearts in front of a flag surrounding the Ukrainian coat of arms symbol and coin denomination

Item 78: Ukraine, 2015

2 hryvnia coin commemorating bicentennial of Mykhailo Verbytsky (1815-1870).


Front of coin illustrating the National Music Academy building, back of coin illustrating a lyre on top of musical notation with the coin denomination located in middle of lyre

Item 86: Ukraine, 2019

2 hryvnia coin commemorating 175 years of the National Music Academy M.V. Lysenko. 


Front of coin depicting Volodymyr Ivasyuk surrounded by leaves, back of coin illustrating decorative pattern with a sunflower on the left and an electric guitar on top of piano keys on the right and coin denomination at the bottom

Item 89: Ukraine, 2009

2 hryvnia coin honoring Volodymyr Ivasyuk (1949-1979).

Thank you for visiting the digital adaptation of this display. If you are interested in accessing more coins from Stephen Dunning’s coin collection in person, please peruse the Stephen Dunning Collection finding aid and select “Request Reading Room Access” to make an appointment with our Music Special Collections Librarian, Maristella Feustle.

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