Generations of K-pop Explained: Part One

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HAE-JEEN RYOU Korean pop, better known as K-pop, has been on the rise all around the world. With more K–pop artists going on world tours and more Korean music being involved in Western music award shows, many believe K-pop is new and young. However, much like any music around the world, there is a rich… Read more »

Musical Coins from Ukraine

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  At the Music Library, a display was assembled featuring photographs and descriptions of coins from Ukraine, which were curated from the Stephen Dunning Musical Coin Collection. Learn more about Stephen Dunning and his unique coin collection on the collection finding aid: “The collection consists of 106 coins depicting or referring to musical culture, dating… Read more »

Ukrainian Composers Display

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  Music Reference Librarian Donna Arnold prepared information about Ukrainian composers for a display in the Featured Music Items section at the UNT Music Library. Below is the online adaptation of this display. Dmitri Bortniansky, b. Hlukhiv, Ukraine, 1751, d. St. Petersburg, Russia, 1825, is the earliest Ukrainian/Russian composer of international renown. Due to his… Read more »

Helen Hewitt in Paris Part 1

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Local Archives, Global History: Post 6 By Matt Darnold This two-part series will first demonstrate Dr. Helen Hewitt’s commanding place as a woman in musicology, taking a special interest in her time in Paris, which was an integral part of the shaping of the UNT Music Library as it is known today. The second post… Read more »

Anna Harriet Heyer, Curating Connection

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Local Archives, Global History: Post 5 by Anna Wodny Today the University of North Texas Music Library is nationally recognized for its scholarly resources and special collections, but just over eighty years ago the entirety of UNT’s music collection fit inside a single storage closet. The music library’s rapid development may be largely attributed to… Read more »

Amateurism and Accreditation in the Robert R. Miller Collection

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Local Archives, Global History: Post 4 by Chandler Hall  Many famed musicians have passed through the music program at the University of North Texas (UNT), but has anyone ever heard of UNT’s accountant-to-organist pipeline? One alumnus who came down it was Robert R. Miller, who graduated from what was then the North Texas State College (NTSC) in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Boxes in UNT Library’s small Robert… Read more »

Music Library Student Spotlight

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At the Music Library, we are incredibly grateful for our student employees! They keep everything running behind the scenes, as well as assisting visitors at the service desk. Learn about some of our many amazing students in this Music Library Student Spotlight series.  Mikayla Dupont Trumpet Performance / Graduate What are you looking forward to… Read more »