DH and the Scientification of the Humanities: Introduction

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This is the first post in a series questioning general relationship between digital humanities and the sciences. Specifically, the main concern is whether, and to what extent, DH contributes to the scientification of the humanities. That is to say, does DH lead the humanities away from the qualitative and ineffable and toward the quantitative and… Read more »

Sommer Browning – Comics as Poetry

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After being on hiatus for a few years, UNT Comic Studies made a grand return in Spring 2017! Now hosted by the UNT Libraries, the Comic Studies Project invited poet, cartoonist, librarian, and author Sommer Browning to speak about Comics as Poetry for a rejuvenating restart to the program. During the webinar, people listened to the… Read more »

RAW Data Visualization: Hexagonal Binning

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RAWGraphs offers hexagonal binning as an option for representing dispersions in datasets with an exceptionally large number of data points. This visualization visually clusters the most populated areas on a gridded surface and assigns a color based on the number of points in the region. This example uses a public data set from Kaggle of data… Read more »

Takeaways from “Making the Case for Sustaining Your Digital Library” Workshop at DPLAfest 2017

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This year at The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Fest 2017 in Chicago, I had the opportunity to attend the Making the Case for Sustaining Your Digital Library Workshop. The workshop was hosted by two employees of the Foundation Center and was sponsored by a grant from the Knight Foundation. The large group of… Read more »