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Overlock stitching was invented by the Merrow Machine Company in 1881. J. Makens Merrow and his son Joseph Merrow, who owned a knitting mill established in Connecticut in 1838 and designed the first overlock machine in 1889. In the United States the term “overlocker” has largely been replaced by “serger” but in other parts of the world (Australia, UK) the term “overlocker” is still in use. You can use an overlock aka serger in your makerspace The Factory!


But what is a Serger

A Serger is a machine that sews the seams of fabric and at the same time trims the seam allowance and finishes  the raw edges .ie. it sews, it cuts, it finishes the edges of fabrics all in one go. The professional finish you see in most store bought garments are finished with a serger. 


  • Serger finishes the seam and edges in one go – so saves a lot of your time
  • Serger stitch is best for sewing knits, being very flexible and stretchy
  • Narrow seams, overcast edges, rolled hems, blind stitched hems are all made easier with sergers


Your makerspace has a Janome Serger for in Space use once we are able to open again!


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