11 Native American Artists’ Recordings of the Past Decade

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By: Joseph Sioui (Wendat First Nations)    With social media and the music industry now giving more autonomy to artists than before, Native American musicians have flourished with incorporating their identity into their music in recent years! Below are just eleven of the plethora of amazing Native American musical artists’ albums that I have enjoyed… Read more »

The Steve Brooks Archives: Willie Nelson And Cultural Changes In Country Music

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Sketch of Willie Nelson flying in a shoe Local Archives, Global History: Post 3 by Robbie Segars   By the early 1960s, the Country Music Association decided to shed its negative “hillbilly” image and market country music to a sophisticated blue-collared audience (Pecknold 2007, 135). This initiative caused a cultural shift in the genre aimed at promoting a clean-cut image. By the early 1970s, however, a… Read more »

Local Archives, Global History: Music and Archival Practice in the 21st Century

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Image of the reading room with a carpet and wood table and chairs. Art is hanging on the walls.   Local Archives, Global History: Post 1 by Dr. Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden As pandemic lockdowns settled into place during the spring of 2020 many scholars felt profound disappointment as their summer research plans disintegrated amidst the stressors of illness, upended family life, and disrupted work routines. Historians in particular grieved the personal loss of a favorite job-related activity, archival research, and faced the anxiety that came along with a year-long archival exile, which threatened to set back publications and possibly even hiring and promotion opportunities for years to come. Sitting in my backyard… Read more »

Celebrating Jazz Featuring Joshua Cossette

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April is Jazz Appreciation Month and the UNT Music Library is celebrating by highlighting one of our many, wonderful student assistants: Joshua Cossette. Cossette is a current master’s student in Jazz with a specialization in Arranging and Composition; he also helps run the Music Library service desk by assisting patrons and keeping the music stacks… Read more »

Studying with Music

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Did you know that listening to certain types of music can enhance focus and improve information retention? Your brain generates a certain amount of electricity that is displayed in the form of brain waves. The four different types of brainwaves are: Beta Beta waves are characteristic of a strongly engaged mind, this is the fastest… Read more »

250 Years of Beethoven

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What do you think of when you hear the name ‘Ludwig van Beethoven’? Maybe it’s the iconic opening figure of his Symphony 5 (think: dundundunDUNNNNNN from a sample of these performances). Or his famously thunderous countenance: Beethoven is one of the most celebrated composers in Western classical music. In his lifetime, Beethoven enjoyed a privileged… Read more »

First Chair Chats on Local Music

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Catch up on our most recent First Chair Chat on the UNT Music Library Blog! In November’s chat, we were joined by a fantastic panel of musicians from the Denton area to discuss local music. The episode is coming soon to our First Chair Chats page. First Chair Chats is a series hosted by the… Read more »

All about Opera: An Introduction and UNT’s Fall Production

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Welcome to the UNT Music Library Blog! We’re so excited to share information on important musicians and composers, keep you up to date with new and notable materials at the library, share some of our favorite playlists, and much more. Today’s post is all about opera! What is opera? This art form combines elements of… Read more »