I encourage librarians who are researching undergraduate STEM retention or developing retention strategies to reach out and share your findings and experiences beyond the library profession. An obvious audience for the library science perspective is the education profession, which can be reached through a number of publications. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research , Journal of Science Education and Technology, and Science Education are rich sources for primary and secondary studies of STEM retention, and promising forums for sharing how librarians can collaborate with university faculty and staff to give STEM students the academic support they need. There are many other science education journals to investigate; see a partial list at The Sourcebook for Teaching Science, published by Norman Herr, Ph.D., at California State University – Northridge. Post your favorite here.   Photo attribution:  Bullseye!! taken by Asim Bharwani on January 24, 2009. No changes were made to this image. License – CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0  

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