Technology in Psychology and Counseling

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  In my academic life, digital resources have significantly aided me in multiple ways. During my psychology bachelor’s degree, I built a research study using MediaLab software. The digital platform streamlined the entire process from creation to distribution. I also utilized Sona Systems tools to simplify the recruitment process. Participants could easily sign up for… Read more »

Old and New: Preserving Heritage in New Ways with Technology

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      There is an old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” It is no less true in the field of digital preservation, digital humanities, and history. The great thing for me about history and library information science is how they inform each other, but also how they provide pathways to other areas… Read more »

Digital Preservation: Video Games

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Video games face some major issues in archiving, specifically around access. In honor of International Digital Preservation Day, I wanted to talk about the difficulties surrounding video game archiving, as well as highlight some interesting video game archives. This is by no means a detailed exploration of archive issues within the video game community, nor… Read more »

International Digital Preservation Day

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Today the University of North Texas Libraries are joining the celebration of International Digital Preservation Day. In addition to the series of events in the Library, we’ll feature a series of posts today about the impact of digital preservation on areas of interest to the DH@UNT team. Digital preservation touches everyone, not just libraries and… Read more »

Net Neutrality: the FCC, the Internet, and You

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The future of net neutrality was put in question just before Thanksgiving, with the unveiling of the FCC’s plan to repeal the Obama Administration’s regulations preventing internet service providers (ISPs) from throttling content or charging premium rates to access content.   Net neutrality is the principle that regardless of user, content, website, platform, application, equipment,… Read more »

Twitter Bot by Table

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The simplest form of Twitter bot will generate text and then post it to Twitter. Now, of course you must supply your bot with source text if you want it to generate new text. This is the basis of most bot text generation and the model that we will follow. From here, we want to… Read more »

Ensuring Accessibility of Non-HTML Content

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          What is Non-HTML content? Non-HTML content is more common than you might at first think. Do you use Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint)? How about Adobe Acrobat? These are very common applications and software, used nearly everyday, and also classified as Non-HTML. This means that their coding… Read more »