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Meet HB

Written By: H. Bui UNT Graduate Cybersecurity

Hello everyone (Xin chào mọi người), my name is Huy Bui, but you can call me HB if it is easier for you. I’m currently an international student from Vietnam and am pursuing a Cybersecurity degree. As for the SPARK Makerspace, I currently work as a Technical Engagement Specialist, which allows me to interact with both patrons and SPARK technology at the same time.

Up until now, my main motivation in life has been driven by my curiosity, even if it sometimes gets me scolded or involved in some awkward situations. With that being said, thanks to my curiosity, I have learned many highly valuable skills such as basic photography, programming, culture awareness via traveling, and many other soft skills. (These are some of my pictures from a collection).

Personally, working in the SPARK is equivalent to a dream come true to me because this is such a unique job that provides me with both hands-on experiences on many technologies such as 3D printers, advanced DSLR cameras, laser cutters, CNC machines, and many more. As for the SPARK team, I cannot find a single bad word to describe my coworkers. Everyone in the team, regardless of their rank, will always jump to help another with their best, thus, spending their after-work time to mentor others seeking support.

As for my personal project at the SPARK, I made a lithophane print for my cousin during her wedding anniversary with a coworker’s support (credit Danielle Da Costa) and expect more to come in the near future when my curiosity kicks in. (Hope it does not destroy anything 0-0).

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