Meet Nishanth

Written By: N. Buggineni UNT Graduate Business Analytics

Hey, this is Nishanth Buggineni. I’m currently pursuing my graduation in Business Analytics at UNT. I’m passionate about making technology a catalyst for living. I strongly believe that technology is not something that threatens human life but upgrades the living standards of humans to the ultimate.

I got an opportunity to join the Spark team recently, a team with highly talented, intelligent, and full of energy individuals. I’m super excited to work with everyone in the team.

I love sports, especially playing cricket, badminton and athletics boost me. When I was in 10th standard. I took the responsibility to be the sports captain of my school and lead sports activate. Trust me on that, it was a big responsibility for me at that age where I have started developing leadership qualities and competitive skills to achieve a goal.

Won a Cricket Tournament

Apart from sports, I am fascinated towards photography. I love to capture moments and I’m exceling the skill over time.

I feel like the Spark Makerspace is something that can bring a change in the quality of learning things giving them a real time approach. It can connect students, staff & faculty to the mentors who have a passion in the same fields of interest. Mentors can really make an impact by guiding them to learn new set of skills which can enhance their life. I truly believe the Spark Makerspace will bring the #PassionRevolution to help you achieve bigger and better things.


Written By: M. Mohan UNT Graduate Information Science

Howdy, everyone! I’m Madan, a graduate student at UNT focusing on Information Science with a music and information technology background. The Spark Makerspace is an excellent place to develop innovative skills. The staff here are amicable and helpful in learning various software and equipment available for students to use, whether it is 3D printing, laser cutting, using the sewing machine, or learning cutting-edge technology. It is a department that is inclusive of students from all backgrounds. I always enjoy working in a diverse place with people from all backgrounds, making our department a unique focus on diversity and equity. This is a place for anyone passionate about arts and is an excellent place to develop leadership and collaborative skills from business to creative arts majors. I enjoy working here the most due to access to various electronic music production equipment and my newfound interest in Blender software. At Spark, we also have the opportunity to help patrons who want to explore and learn various software. It is an ideal workplace for anyone creative because it allows one to learn, explore, develop different skills, and grow together.

My passion is always towards music, technical services, metadata, research, and technology, which I love and enjoy researching during my free time. I write classical music, enjoy nature, solitude, and reading books that question SELF! Self-exploration is truly a fascinating journey that cannot be put into words or understood with a finite mind! Music is also a kind of self-exploration that always keeps me grounded because, as a composer, I don’t know what I’m going to write next moment, how an idea would start, where it would lead to. This has taught me not to expect but to enjoy every moment, whatever that we do.

My favorite quote by Arthur Rubenstein, a famous 20th-century pianist,

“Nothing in art is the best; it is only different.”

This is very true and could be applied to life in general too. No country, no religion, or culture is superior or inferior, and what diversity can teach one is far more than one could learn in books. Diversity is the key to being open, loving, understanding, being kind, respectful, and accepting of what life has to offer. Time and time out, life has continually taught me that nothing is permanent in any given day, but we enjoy every moment with gratitude. Finally, I want to share a few words from my grandfather, who always says, gratitude is the key, and be thankful for everyone and everything! Life is beautiful when we are open!


Written By: H. Dodda UNT Graduate Information Science

I’m Hemanth Reddy Dodda pursuing my graduation in information science with a data science major here at UNT. I have a couple of years of experience as a Machine Learning Data Associate in Amazon. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in India. On the other hand, my career vision is to become a data scientist helping organizations achieve their goals. Apart from my professional career, I’m an avid gamer, and I love to socially interact with people.

For me, the Spark Makerspace is all about learning and helping each other learn. Growing up as a kid, I used to watch my father work on electrical equipment and feel excited about that. He used to solder and also work on electric motors. In the Spark Makerspace, I work as a Technology Engagement Specialist, and I got the chance to work on soldering and many more interesting things like 3D printing, Cricut, and CNC. I like to interact a lot with people and working at the Spark provides me an opportunity to meet a lot of new people and help them. I have a lot more things to learn from the Spark Makerspace and many more projects to work on. Going forward, I would like to help anyone interested in the Spark to learn and utilize the Spark Makerspace as much as they can.