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Electronic Music

Hello everyone!

Just a little heads up, I recently completed an episode of the MindSpark podcast with Alondra and Steven where we talked about introductions to Electronic music. I’ll include a link to it at the end, but I’ll go ahead and summarize things here for those that can’t go listen to it themselves.

The conversation started with each of our tastes in electronic music and the scope of our experience with it. We decided that it best to give you all an idea of where each of us comes from since this genre of music is so diverse.

Now, Alondra and I don’t have much experience composing music; Steven is the only one out of us three that does. So, Alondra and I had to do a lot of research for this episode, and we gained a bit of an idea of what it’s like to start making this kind of music. That combined with the experience Steven has, we came up with a few notes to remember when starting a path down creating electronic music.

First, don’t overcomplicate things. You don’t need to buy hundreds of dollars of equipment. All you need is a computer with a Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW) and a mouse. Learn the ropes first and develop a style before spending money on this.

Second, listen to plenty of music. Artists need inspiration and the easiest way is to understand the things people have developed. Now, we’re not condoning copyright infringement, but understanding how an artist created a piece is crucial to getting used to creating.

And third, don’t be afraid to get in and start playing around with stuff. Try out everything. One of the most common things we tell people who come to the makerspace is doing is one of the best ways of learning.

I know this doesn’t represent an in-depth guide on how to get started, but there are already so many tutorials on every detail you need. Instead, I wanted to give you an overview of the tips that Alondra, Steven, and I decided on after our research for the topic. Tips that should give you a bit of momentum when you first take steps into this topic.

Hackathons, more than security

Check out one of our latest podcast episodes to learn about Hackathons!

Hackathons are a great way to learn any kind of programming, not just hacking! In this episode, we talk about what hackathons are, what kind of projects and people you can work with, and why you should consider signing up for your next university-sponsored hackathon. We also share our experiences with hackathons and with programming!


Hi, I’m Arthur Sliter and I am a Spark Specialist majoring in mechanical engineering. My experience lies with 3D Printing, design, automation, and robotics but I have never participated in a hackathon so I can provide a beginner’s viewpoint for this podcast. Since my skills are more on the mechanical than software side I will be digging into the role non-programmers can play in hackathons and how this affects team dynamics.


Hi! My name is Hanna, and I’m graduating this semester with a Computer Science degree. I love working in a makerspace because it allows me to learn skills I would never have been able to learn otherwise. In addition, the flexibility of a makerspace has allowed me to turn my position into a software development role that still benefits the makerspace as a whole. I grew up in a creative home with parents who encouraged my exploration from the very beginning. The garage is a woodshop, and the living room is a seamstress’ paradise. My home has always been a makerspace of my own, and working in a makerspace has been the most natural and enjoyable position I can imagine. To live and work in a place that always encourages trying something new just to see if it will work has made me happier than I could have ever hoped for, and I aim to be active in the community of makerspaces for the rest of my life!


My name is Tad. I am a maker at UNT Spark Makerspace. I am a senior Computer Science student specializing in Cyber Security from NSA. I am a DIY enthusiast, so I build most of my machines and projects myself. I think with the right tools and skills anyone can build. As a computer science student, I have participated in a few hackathons. I think hackathons are great for experience and to gain confidence in the field. Participants can also make great friends. In this podcast, I will elaborate further on hackathons with a few of my co-workers.

Host Team: Hanna Flores, Tad Weerasignhe, and Arthur Sliter

Audio Production: Steven Sparkman

Producer: Judy Hunter


Don’t forget to check out one of our podcast episodes about Electronic Music!

Join our hosts Alondra and Cameron as they explore the genre of electronic music and how making electronic music has evolved. In this episode, we discuss electronic music with our guest, Steven Sparkman, who is an expert in audio production and the tools used to develop the sounds in electronic music.


My name is Alondra Lopez, and I’m a Knowledge Specialist at The Spark Makerspace since 2019. At The Spark, I mostly focus on creating blog posts and teaching and training textile-based equipment such as the Cricut, embroidery, and sewing machines. I’m a senior Media Arts major and Marketing minor student at UNT. I love music, especially electronic music. I’ve always had an interest in that specific genre back in 2018, so it was nice to discuss it in this episode.



My name is Cameron. I’m a biochemistry and technical writing student at the University of North Texas and I’ve been a maker at the Spark since June of 2018. My expertise in The Makerspace is based around 3D printing, sensors, and laser cutting.

I enjoy listening to different kinds of music while I work, but most of my work playlists switch between types of electronic music and oldies. This fact is one of the reasons why I decided to work on the electronic music episode of the podcast since I wanted to learn more about the genre I listen to.

Guest: Steven Sparkman

Host Team: Cameron Driller and Alondra Lopez

Producer: Judy Hunter and Steven Sparkman

Maker Life Stories: Dallas Makerspace

We have a new series on our podcast called Maker Life Stories where we will share success stories of many makerspaces around our area. In this episode, we talked with James Hennigson about the story of The Dallas Makerspace and its impact on the maker community. Have a listen!

Guest: James Hennigson

Host Team: JP Abah and Danielle Da Costa

Sound Production: Steven Sparkman

Producer: Judy Hunter

Making Across Generations

A UNT MindSpark Podcast episode in our Maker Mindset series.

Join the MindSpark Podcast team on a journey to explore maker mindsets across generations. We’ll speak to a multigenerational family who instilled a tinkering, explorative approach to navigating the world and mindset in their home. In this episode our guest will talk about the ways creating and making have influenced them and their family.


Hosted By JP Abah, Sound Production: Steven Sparkman

Guest: Raul Flores, Pamela Flores, Hanna Flores

Spring 2021 Episode 1 UNT MindSpark

Welcome to the first podcast of the Spring 2021 semester. This podcast is hosted by The Spark student staff and each semester they delve in to a wide range of topics relating to innovation, making, tinkering and creativity. In this first episode, we introduce the plan for the Spring 2021 team. We hope you enjoy!

Hosted by J. Abah, Produced by S. Sparkman