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Don’t forget to check out one of our podcast episodes about Electronic Music!

Join our hosts Alondra and Cameron as they explore the genre of electronic music and how making electronic music has evolved. In this episode, we discuss electronic music with our guest, Steven Sparkman, who is an expert in audio production and the tools used to develop the sounds in electronic music.


My name is Alondra Lopez, and I’m a Knowledge Specialist at The Spark Makerspace since 2019. At The Spark, I mostly focus on creating blog posts and teaching and training textile-based equipment such as the Cricut, embroidery, and sewing machines. I’m a senior Media Arts major and Marketing minor student at UNT. I love music, especially electronic music. I’ve always had an interest in that specific genre back in 2018, so it was nice to discuss it in this episode.



My name is Cameron. I’m a biochemistry and technical writing student at the University of North Texas and I’ve been a maker at the Spark since June of 2018. My expertise in The Makerspace is based around 3D printing, sensors, and laser cutting.

I enjoy listening to different kinds of music while I work, but most of my work playlists switch between types of electronic music and oldies. This fact is one of the reasons why I decided to work on the electronic music episode of the podcast since I wanted to learn more about the genre I listen to.

Guest: Steven Sparkman

Host Team: Cameron Driller and Alondra Lopez

Producer: Judy Hunter and Steven Sparkman

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