Written By: H. Dodda UNT Graduate Information Science

I’m Hemanth Reddy Dodda pursuing my graduation in information science with a data science major here at UNT. I have a couple of years of experience as a Machine Learning Data Associate in Amazon. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in India. On the other hand, my career vision is to become a data scientist helping organizations achieve their goals. Apart from my professional career, I’m an avid gamer, and I love to socially interact with people.

For me, the Spark Makerspace is all about learning and helping each other learn. Growing up as a kid, I used to watch my father work on electrical equipment and feel excited about that. He used to solder and also work on electric motors. In the Spark Makerspace, I work as a Technology Engagement Specialist, and I got the chance to work on soldering and many more interesting things like 3D printing, Cricut, and CNC. I like to interact a lot with people and working at the Spark provides me an opportunity to meet a lot of new people and help them. I have a lot more things to learn from the Spark Makerspace and many more projects to work on. Going forward, I would like to help anyone interested in the Spark to learn and utilize the Spark Makerspace as much as they can.

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