Meet Sai Dheeraj

Written by: S. Gamineedi Spark TEK Specialist UNT Graduate Data Science

My name is Sai Dheeraj Gamineedi. I am pursuing a Master’s in Data Science here at UNT. I had started working with the Spark in August 2021 where there is a lot to learn about. I mostly like to make my own 3D printing models and circuits. I had an interest in working with soldering with different electrical components like resistors, capacitors, Ic’s (integrated circuits) inductors of all kinds like normal and SMD components. In my undergrad, I had designed and implemented my project by myself using soldering with SMD components. The Spark has a positive atmosphere, and I have made a lot of friends while working there.

While I was in India, I used to play badminton every day it’s more like a hobby. My father encouraged me to do whatever I want in my life, and I love cooking authentic Indian food like Biryani, Gulab jamun, Laddu and some other chicken and vegetarian dishes.

You can learn new technology by using the Spark Makerspace. There is a lot of people who have specific talents in their own way that can help you make new things, help you in your innovative projects, and teach you a lot more about the space. The staff here are very friendly and resourceful that you can come any time 24/7. We are open all day. We are looking forward to meeting you all in the Spark Makerspace.

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