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Meet Sai Ashrith

Written by: S. Gavini Spark TEK Specialist UNT Graduate Computer Engineering

Hello there! My name is Sai Ashrith Gavini, and I am pursuing my master’s in Computer Engineering and did my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Although it’s been a month in the Spark, I was welcomed by all the staff, and it has been a joy working here. Working with all the equipment at the Spark, especially helping the people, and resolving their queries is what I am passionate about and love to work towards that.

When I was an undergrad, I use to see my seniors working on c language and I was curious why they were spending more time on this language. Later, when I joined their group, I was exposed to coding. I never thought coding will become my passion. After that day, my perception has changed. With that skill, I realized that extracurricular are also important, so I involved myself in event management stuff where I was exposed to different people and laid foundations for many events during my undergrad. This job role has made me realized what I am good at. With this, I can manage both my technical skills and event management skills. Because of my seniors, I was able to develop the skills I have today. When I have free time, I refer to medium articles, refer to my professor’s research work, refer to new technologies and solve coding problems on various platforms.

The first code I have written and the first Pictionary event that I have conducted. Those two events are nothing, but the best milestones in my life.

Outside of school, I used to attend the networking events hosted by many companies and work as an assistant under my professor. Finally, these skills and hobbies made me crack my job interview and started working in Cognizant Technology Solutions. There, I got exposure to many senior colleagues, and I used to feel overwhelmed by listening to their journeys in the corporate files. I also enjoy cooking. I used to experiment with different dishes and add different species to different food varieties.

I am passionate about helping people and resolving their queries, and I hope to spread my knowledge to my classmates and make them aware of the Spark makerspace and the facilities available in the makerspace. I want my classmates to join the maker movement and challenge themselves to learn something new and be an inspiration to others. With this initiative, we can educate many people, and help students to utilize the makerspace’s potential to an extent. The Spark is a great resource for students at UNT, and it will be more resourceful when students use that technology to develop their skills, and at the end of the day, they will

be satisfied with the work that they have done, and it will be kind of encouraging for us to set the goals higher. So, I highly encourage students to utilize the resource efficiently and never feel satisfied with the knowledge that they got, keep exploring more until you get satisfied.

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