Meet Hemanth G.

Written by: H. Gopisetti TEK Specialist UNT Graduate Business Analytics

Hello everyone, my name is Hemanth Kumar Gopisetti, and I am a Graduate student at UNT majoring in MS in Business Analytics.

Although I have been working at the Spark since Aug 2021, I still feel like every day is my first day because of the learning opportunities, and it has been a joy being here.

Working here at the Spark with all the equipment, especially 3D printing is something I am passionate about.

When I was young, I would love to play with 3D models of cars and superheroes.

When I have free time, I tried to make replicas using some clay, POP materials, and I would enjoy making them.

I am passionate about making them and I enjoy while making them, and I would like to learn and make more models by using 3D printing.

The Spark is a great resource for students at UNT who are interested in learning and developing a new skill. So, I highly encourage UNT students and faculty to utilize this space.

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