CIA sealThe Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has released the “Foreword,” “Findings and Conclusions” and “Executive Summary”—a total of over 500 pages—from its Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency ‘s Detention and Interrogation Program. The full report is more than 6700 pages long and remains classified, although it is an official Senate report.

This report is highly critical of the CIA’s actions following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, accusing the agency of responding to the national crisis by initiating a program of indefinite, secret detention and the use of brutal interrogation techniques that violated U.S. law, treaty obligations, and basic human values.

Additional views by six individual committee members accompany the released consensus summary.

Minority views and Additional Minority views were also presented by several senators who disagreed with the methods and conclusions of the report.

The CIA has responded with a Statement from Director Brennan on the SSCI Study.

Article by Bobby Griffith.

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