Leadership Library Online Contact Database

This massive commercial database contains biographical and directory information for hundreds of thousands of administrators, board members, and other leading individuals at 40,000 government agencies, large companies, news media, and major professional and nonprofit organizations at the federal, state, and local level.

How It Works

You can search the database by the name of a person or organization and by keyword. You can search for a single individual or agency, or build a customized contact list by selecting specific criteria such as area of expertise, geographical location, and the size or type of organization. The “one-click list” feature allows quick and easy access to frequently-requested lists such as the 1000 largest public companies, all the current members of congress, or all the current governors in the U.S.

What It Contains

These are just a few of the data you can find out about a person:

  • Date of birth
  • Educational experience
  • Religion (of politicians)
  • Current job position
  • Current business and mailing address (with a link to the location in Google Maps)
  • Current e-mail address, fax, and phone number
  • Career history, including previous positions held

The Leadership Library integrates the contents of fourteen Yellow Books published by Leadership Directories, Inc.:

  • Congressional Yellow Book: The most comprehensive print directory available for current members of Congress and their legislative staff; also includes the latest election and campaign data
  • Federal Yellow Book: Directory of presidential appointees and other federal government administrators and staff at the cabinet and sub-cabinet levels
  • State Yellow Book: Directory of governors, executive staff, and state executive and legislative positions in all 50 states plus U.S. territories
  • Corporate Yellow Book: Directory of U.S. corporate leadership, including chief executives and board members from leading U.S. manufacturers, service businesses, and utilities; includes parent companies as well as subsidiaries, divisions, major departments, and boards of directors
  • News Media Yellow Book: Directory of reporters, editors, and executives at U.S. newspapers, television and radio stations, publishing companies, online publications, and periodicals; includes contact information for U.S. offices of foreign media outlets
  • Municipal Yellow Book: Directory of city and county governments and other local independent authorities such as utilities, housing, transit, and ports; includes the latest updates on new mayors and other local leaders
  • Federal Regional Yellow Book: Directory of regional directors and administrative staff members at federal departments and agencies, including field offices, regional headquarters, and military installations; includes U.S. marshals, attorneys, foundation trustees, and embassies and foreign service posts; access hundreds of listings of U.S. diplomatic missions to foreign countries, including U.S. ambassadors and staff of federal departments and agencies with offices abroad; keep up to date with pending confirmations and withdrawn nominations
  • Judicial Yellow Book: Directory of judges and their staff at the U.S. courts of appeals, district courts, and state courts; includes pending and recent judicial nominations
  • Financial Yellow Book: Directory of chief executives and board members at the most important financial organizations in the U.S.; organizational profiles include number of employees, business descriptions, and annual revenue
  • Associations Yellow Book: Contact information for executives and board members at the top trade and professional organizations; stay up to date on mergers, organizational restructuring, and board memberships; includes PAC directors, foundation heads, committee chairs, and more
  • Law Firms Yellow Book: Directory of U.S.-based law firms practicing general corporate law; find managing partners, general counsels, practice chairs, law librarians, and senior executives
  • Government Affairs Yellow Book: Directory of lobbyists and PACs, with organizational profiles, lobbying firm client lists, and listings of federal and state lobbying firms retained by each corporation, financial institution, association, and nonprofit organization; track former legislators who are now working as consultants and lobbyists, plus new policy directors who have migrated from government positions to the private sector
  • Foreign Representatives in the U.S. Yellow Book: Directory of foreign ambassadors and attachés, as well as executives and officials who manage the offices of the leading non-U.S. companies and organizations; includes CEOs, legal representatives, managing directors, trade commissioners, and international press offices
  • Nonprofit Sector Yellow Book: Directory of executives and board members at foundations, universities, museums, libraries, charities, and more; very useful for development, fundraising, and advancement projects

In their paper incarnation the first five of these directories are updated quarterly, and the rest are updated semi-annually. The Leadership Library database has the advantage of being verified and updated daily, whenever a change occurs. The information is often more extensive and more up to date than what is available on the agency’s official Web site!

Who Can Use It

Members of the UNT community can access this database from anywhere; guests may access the Leadership Library from the public computers available inside the UNT libraries. Follow these steps to get in:

  1. Start at http://www.library.unt.edu/
  2. Select “Databases” tab from left menu bar
  3. Select “Leadership Library on the Internet” from the “Select a Database” drop-down menu and click “Go” button
  4. Enter EUID and Password if your are off campus
  5. There are many ways to use the database, depending on your specific needs, but the most common approach is simply to enter a name or a keyword in the search box at the top of the screen and click “GO” or select from the suggestions that appear below the search box. The results will appear in a pop-up box.

Who might find this database useful? Just about anyone!:

  • Libraries rely on the database as a comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date reference tool.
  • Universities find it useful for placement and tracking of alumni.
  • Foundations and nonprofits use it to search for grants and sponsors.
  • Sales and marketing teams can use the verified contact information to generate thousands of valuable corporate and financial contacts.
  • Are you trying to sell to the government? Search hundreds of thousands of federal, state, and local government contacts to generate new business.
  • Advocacy and lobbying groups can use the database to contact influential members of Congress and state legislatures.
  • Do you need an attorney? The Leadership Library includes contact information for thousands of law firm, government, and lobbying contacts, including managing partners, general counsels, HR staff, and more.
  • Government agencies and embassies use the Leadership Library to build powerful relationships with the private sector, and even as a convenient contact directory for their own offices.

So whether you are a politician, journalist, entrepreneur, or citizen activist, this indispensable resource can prove a priceless powerhouse of information practical for a plethora of purposes. Come to the UNT Libraries and try it out today!

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