Amateurism and Accreditation in the Robert R. Miller Collection

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Local Archives, Global History: Post 4 by Chandler Hall  Many famed musicians have passed through the music program at the University of North Texas (UNT), but has anyone ever heard of UNT’s accountant-to-organist pipeline? One alumnus who came down it was Robert R. Miller, who graduated from what was then the North Texas State College (NTSC) in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Boxes in UNT Library’s small Robert… Read more »

Local Archives, Global History: Music and Archival Practice in the 21st Century

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Image of the reading room with a carpet and wood table and chairs. Art is hanging on the walls.   Local Archives, Global History: Post 1 by Dr. Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden As pandemic lockdowns settled into place during the spring of 2020 many scholars felt profound disappointment as their summer research plans disintegrated amidst the stressors of illness, upended family life, and disrupted work routines. Historians in particular grieved the personal loss of a favorite job-related activity, archival research, and faced the anxiety that came along with a year-long archival exile, which threatened to set back publications and possibly even hiring and promotion opportunities for years to come. Sitting in my backyard… Read more »