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Written By: S. Flores Spark Specialist UNT Junior Anthropology

My name is Sara Flores. I’m in my junior year of undergrad here at UNT focusing on anthropology with a minor in French. I am a maker at The Spark, and my specialty is sewing and textiles. I am driven not only to create but to teach as well. Helping people unlock their potential with sewing is my favorite part of the job! I was originally taught to sew by my mother at only five years old, and I have been designing costumes and apparel for nearly a decade. I also have an interest in history that I love to combine with my work to create historically inspired and constructed garments.

All the available technology in the makerspace has allowed me to broaden my horizons since joining the maker team. I’ve been able to utilize our large collection of audio and visual gear to explore my interest in filmmaking. So far, I’m enjoying editing videos!

At home, I enjoy working with leather, drawing, painting, and designing anything from clothing to furniture to landscape. One of my favorite places in the world is a good renaissance festival, and I love wearing my historical creations there! I believe creativity is the most valuable asset one can have, and the tools and teachers at The Spark Makerspace are more than capable of helping you discover your creative side and develop your skills to make products you’re proud of.

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